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Logi-Tech Provides Some Premium Services Like Chanel And Internet Services

Internet Services

Logi Tech corporate internet services keep your business running smoothly. Save on support costs, minimize downtime and improve the user experience. Logi Tech internet services keep you free to focus on the business activities that deliver maximum return. keep support costs predictable and minimize downtime. our proactive approach spots issues early resolve them promptly and improve the performance of your network and connected devices.

VSAT links

Created for growing businesses where no other internet or data services are available VSAT services can help enhance your company’s performance with a high-speed, always-on connection that gives instant access to resources that are critical for success. With Logi Tech VSAT services can share information easier and faster than ever with customers, partners and suppliers, whether the subscriber is a single person office or a multi-site operation, Logi Tech delivers a suite of scalable products and applications to meet budgets and enhance productivity for increasing competitiveness in the marketplace.

CCTV Solutions

Logi Tech CCTV solution has skilled and experienced technicians who can analyze your current security, make a recommendation to deploy /improve and assist you in implementing a cost-effective, proactive and efficient digital security surveillance solutions. Logi tech solution maintains a strong relationship with some of the largest and most established CCTV providers of security hardware and software and has a portfolio inclusive of the largest regional airports, universities, Law enforcement agencies and corporate sector in Pakistan.


GPON services, on 2Gps to 10Gps, are designed to address the industry‘s gap in such corporate connectivity options. with C1’s new services, which complement its GPON services of up to 1Gbps, and 10Gbps active ethernet service, Pakistan’s fastest fibers services on the metro fiber network, C1 is now offered Pakistan’s most extensive range of corporate GPON connectivity services.

IP Telephony

We are continuously striving to revolutionize IP-Telephony solutions in the enterprise sector were helping a business transform their basic telephony & data services into state-of-the-art communication management system. All this means that Logi tech is well positioned to meet the complete range of  Tele/datacom needs of the business, via a wide range of technology architecture available.

Wireless Solutions

The radio link is based online on sight digital microwave radio links which form a highly reliable transmission medium for short distance communication to establish a metropolitan area network. More then thousand such links deployed by Logi etch is a leader in this field in Pakistan. Radio link services use different frequencies and technologies for digital radio communication. Logi tech has expertise in using ISM-Band Including 5.8 GHz & 2.4Ghz Microwave Radios.

Data Links

Logi Tech data link solution can be used by organizations to communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the nation /world. data link solution can be used for secure connectivity to access, business data exchange, video conferencing and any other form of telecommunication. Logi Tech provides PLC Services across both domestic and international destinations over its own nationwide fiber-optic network and various submarine cable system through multiple partners internationally.

Network Solutions

As a professional network solution company, Logi tech views every network installation a unique, customized task opportunity to provide the best detailed well-constructed network solution to best address your specific need. network solution includes LAN/WAN, Cloud, Data Centre, structured cabling, Routers & switches configuration and all type of server configuration (Microsft, Linux, Asterisk)

Digital HD Cable TV

Logi Tech Cable Pvt. LTD is one of the largest cable companies in Pakistan, he offered Triple play services digital HD Cable, Telephone, Internet currently covering large areas of Lahore city with plans underway for other cities and towns.”Our mission is to become Pakistan’s most respected and valued a company by connecting, informing and entertaining people everywhere in innovative ways that will not only entertain but also enrich their lives.”